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Greg Trembath writes a monthly column and blog which feature in Port Macquarie’s Focus magazine. In them he answers real estate questions and highlights key industry issues.

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March 2013

Q: As first time home sellers, we are feeling quite daunted about the whole ‘for sale experience’. Where do we start? What are the most important things to get right?

February 2013

Q: I’ve made an offer on a property, which the owner accepted. My solicitor and bank have been advised to arrange a valuation for finance and contract exchange. Despite this, the agent continues to advertise the home and to show it to other people. Do I have any rights if a higher offer is made?

January 2013

Q: How long can I reasonably expect to have to wait to sell my home in Port Macquarie if I list it now?

December 2012

Q: My partner and I are considering buying a house in the area. The main reason we like it is the large covered pergola, which the agent says was built without Council approval. What should we do?

November 2012

Q:  I hear the first home owners grant has changed. What is happening now?

October 2012

 Q: What do I do if my property is not selling?

September 2012

Q:What’s the best way to sell a property when it is tenanted?

August 2012

Q:We are on the move interstate and wonder whether we should rent out our house or sell it?

July 2012

Q: There has been a lot reported in the media lately about interest rates and the housing market. What does that mean for us here in Port Macquarie?

June 2012

Q: We are about to put our house on the market and wonder whether we should organise a building report for the real estate agent to show potential buyers?

May 2012

Q: We have decided to sell our home and have received conflicting advice from agents on the best way to market it. When we last sold about ten years ago, the only place we advertised was in the local paper. Our son thinks listing online is all that is needed nowadays. What do you think?

Apri 2012

Q:We recently missed out on buying a house we really liked. We made an offer, but were later told that the owner had accepted a higher offer. Should we have had an opportunity to match it? I believe ours was the first offer made.