Selling Tips

After nearly 25 years in the business, Greg has a few handy Selling Tips to share:

A Sparkling Home Attracts Buyers

Presentation is paramount.  When preparing your property for sale presentation is your number 1 priority.

First Impressions Count

A well presented home stands out from the crowd, encourages more inspections and ensures a higher sale price.

Outside Appearance

Create street appeal with weed free gardens, trimmed shrubs, edges and lawns cut.  Mulch garden beds and a high pressure wash can freshen up driveways.

Give Your Place A Checkup

Go for a walk around the block and then come back to your place and say “How do we compare with our neighbours?”   You need potential buyers sufficiently impressed from the street.

Spring Clean Inside And Outside

Thoroughly clean and de-clutter. Less is more!  Remove the sort of things that hinder you from moving freely about and through the place.  Buy new towels to display in the bathroom and keep them just for inspections.


 Pack away personal items and family heirlooms. You want buyers to say “I can see myself living here!” Make it easy for them to see themselves living there too!

Can You See The Light

Make sure there’s as much natural light as possible coming into the home.  Open up all the curtains and blinds.  Buyers love natural light.
Have your windows cleaned.

Catch The Breeze Or Feel the Warmth – Warm In Winter, Cool In Summer

 Have your home comfortable for inspections regardless of the season.  When it’s a cold day, put the heater on.  If it’s hot, open up windows and doors to capture fresh air and cool breezes. If you have air-conditioning, use it to your advantage.

Bring In The Repair Man

Leaking taps, squeaky doors, loose door knobs – fix them all!  A lick of paint will freshen scuffs and scrapes on walls and woodwork. Ensure buyers can find no faults. Why let small things jeopardize a big deal?

Exit Pets

Pets should be removed when inspections occur.  Remove pet food, clean and freshen up their area eliminating odours.  Clean up dog litter in the backyard!

Three’s A Crowd

Avoid having too many people during inspections – so go out.  Purchasers prefer to wander through a home without the feeling of being watched over by owners.  You want them to feel comfortable and spend as much time as required in your home exploring its many features.

Consider Every Offer

A common mistake for owners is to turn down the first offer.  In selling, there is a saying that ‘the first offer is often the best offer’.  You will get most inspections in the first couple of weeks and after that they drop dramatically.  Try and negotiate with the first buyer, you never know how long it will be until the next buyer arrives.


Negotiating the selling price is a tricky process and can never be scientifically established or arbitrarily insisted on. Vendors and Purchasers who think they can deliver a price ultimatum rarely achieve their wishful thinking.  Leaving a window open for negotiation usually means you won’t get the door closed on a sale.